Mandy gonzalez - When you're home
Overige artiesten: Christopher jackson

I used to think we lived at the top of the world
When the world was just a subway map
And the one-slash-nine
Climbed a dotted line to my place

There’s no nine train now

I used to think the Bronx was a place in the sky
When the world was just a subway map
And my thoughts took shape

On that fire escape

Can you remind me of what it was like
At the top of the world?

Come with me
We begin July
With a stop at my corner fire hydrant

You would open it every summer!

I would bust it with a wrench
'Til my face got drenched
'Til I heard the sirens
And then I ran like hell!

You ran like hell!

Yeah, I ran like hell!

I remember well!

To your father’s dispatch window
“Hey, let me in, yo!
They’re coming to get me!”

You were always in constant trouble

Then your dad would act all snide, but he’d let me hide
You’d be there inside

Life was easier then

Nina, everything is easier
When you’re home

The street’s a little kinder when you’re home
Can’t you see
That the day seems clearer
Now that you are here or
Is it me?
Maybe it’s just me

We gotta go I wanna show you all I know
The sun is setting and the light is getting low

Are we going to Castle Garden?

Maybe, maybe not, but way to take a shot, when the day is hot
I got a perfect shady spot
A little ways away that oughta
Cool us down

Cool us down

Welcome back to town

Now, back in high school when it darkened
You’d hang out in Bennett Park and

Usnavi would bring his radio

As I walked home from Senior Studies
I’d see you rapping with your buddies

With the volume high

I walked on by

You walked on by

No pare! Sigue, sigue!
No pare! Sigue, sigue!
No pare! Sigue, sigue!
No pare! Sigue, sigue!
No pare! Sigue, sigue!
No pare! Sigue, sigue!
No pare! Sigue, sigue!
No pare sigue!

When you’re home

Oh, the summer nights are cooler

When you’re home!

Now that you’re here with me

And that song you are ?hearing
Is the neighborhood just cheering you along

Don’t say that

What’s wrong?

Don’t say that!
When I was younger, I’d imagine what would happen
If my parents had stayed in Puerto Rico
Who would I be if I had never seen Manhattan
If I lived in Puerto Rico with my people
My people!

I feel like all my life, I’ve tried to find the answer
Working harder, learning Spanish, learning all I can
I thought I might find the answer out at Stanford
But I’d stare out at the sea
Thinking, where’m I supposed to be?
So please don’t say you’re proud of me, when I’ve lost my way

Then can I say
I couldn’t get my mind off you all day
Now listen to me!
That may be how you perceive it
But Nina please believe
That when you find your way again
You’re gonna change the world and then
We’re all gonna brag and say we knew her when
This was your home

I’m home

Welcome home

When you’re here with me

Welcome home

I used to think that we lived at the top of the world!

Welcome home

I’m home

You’re finally home
You’re home

I’m home!

Writers: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music , Inc.

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