Mandy gonzalez - When the sun goes down
Overige artiesten: Christopher jackson

When the sun goes down
You’re gonna need a flashlight
You’re gonna need a candle

I think I can manage that

When you leave town
I’m gonna buy you a calling card

‘Cause I’m falling hard for you

I go back on Labor Day

And I will try to make my way

Out west to California

So we’ve got this summer

And we’ve got each other
Perhaps even longer

When you’re on your own
And suddenly without me
Will you forget about me?

I couldn’t if I tried

When I’m all alone
And I close my eyes

That’s when I’ll see your face again

And when you’re gone
You know that I’ll be waiting when you’re gone

But you’re here with me right now

We’ll be working hard, but if we should drift apart


Lemme take this moment just to say

No, no

You are gonna change the world some day

I’ll be thinking of home

And I’ll think of you every night
At the same time

When the sun goes down

When the sun goes down

When the sun goes down

Writers: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC , Warner Chappell Music , Inc.

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