Mandy gonzalez - Breathe
Overige artiesten: In the heights (original broadway cast)

Sigue andando el camino
Por toda su vida


Y si pierdes mis huellas
Que Dios te bendiga

This is my street
I smile at the faces
I've known all my life
They regard me with pride
And everyone's sweet
They say, "You're going places"
So how can I say
That while I was away
I had so much to hide?

Hey guys, it's me
The biggest disappointment you know
The kid couldn't hack it
She's back, and she's walking real slow
Welcome home
Just breathe

Sigue andando el camino
Por toda su vida
Respira, just breathe
Y si pierdes mis huellas
Que Dios te bendiga

As the radio plays old forgotten boleros
I think of the days when the city was mine
I remember the praise
Ay, the adoro, te quiero
The neighborhood waved and said
"Nina, be brave, te quiero and you're gonna be fine," (respira)

Maybe it's me (respira)
But it all seems like lifetimes ago
So what do I say to these faces that I used to know?
"Hey, I'm home?"

Mira, Nina


No me preocupo por ella

They're not worried about me

Mira, allí esta nuestra estrella

They are all counting on me to succeed

Ella si da la talla

I am the one who made it out
The one who always made the grade
But maybe I just should have just stayed home

When I was a child I stayed wide awake
Climbed to the highest place
On every fire escape
Restless to climb
I got every scholarship
Saved every dollar
The first to go to college
How do I tell them why
I'm coming back home
With my eyes on the horizon
Just me and the GWB
Asking, gee Nina
What'll you be?

Straighten the spine
Smile for the neighbors
Everything's fine
Everything's cool
The standard reply
"Lots of tests, lots of papers"
Smile, wave goodbye and pray to the sky
Oh God
What will my parent say?
Can I go in there and say
"I know that I'm letting you down"


Just breathe

Writers: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music , Inc.

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