Snoop Dogg Pharrell Williams DJ Quik The Neptunes Whoopty Woop - It Blows My Mind

You should smokes wit me

"The chronics blowin" [Repeat: x 4]

blowin chronic to me is like a tradition to me
I gotz the pid-amps so sit down and listen to me
"don't go against me boo, go wit me"
We could blow it all together and bobby brown and whitney

Yea we got somethin' in commin
Niggaz search a nigga but they never find in my vomit
I got the stash spot,my cash got
A lot of mutha fukin fo police shots

I'm not the one, nigga you could call me the two
Bob marley we incartinated pupils nialated
Imaxipated,concentrated,debated waitin
Many times you surprised how I made it.(huh?)

You hate it (huh) but you no I ain't even trippin
I'm splitin that skwusha up plotin it cum up
I'm livin my life n never puttin my gun up
Drinkin my drink n imma smoke that blunt.

The chronic's blowin (x4)

The greena the tree the better the bud
The strenth of the branch will tell ya how chronic it was
(huh?) buzzin high slide n slippin got ya listenin to snoop
N feel like you crippin

It's all goody-good the dash wood
You got some hoes in ya truck n now you ready to fuck
They fright n fakin

N time is wastin
She don't wanna eat me now
But now hollerin at jason
Now, don't get madd

Just roll to the pad
Just keep it g on da bitch n roll anotha dubea
(wat nigga) light that shit, hit that bitch
Then pass it to ya homie like a player or pimp

And wen ya get dizza crack da dough
And then ya get a little sizza
'Cause ain't no fun if the homies can't get none
Fuck,fuck pass my nigga


The chronics blowin (x4)

Do you wanna smoke wit me
Come and keep me company
Maybe come and fuck wit me
You should smoke wit me (x2)

It's the diobalical chronical mythalogical phycological
Make a model hoe fuck a g.(g)
Premedical status logos
Ready can get it

Teach to me and those inside wit mind apperatics
My status has been the badest eva since that inrto
I'm that nigga that brought y'all the info
On the chucks spress braid and endo

Big snoop dog wit da fog on the window
Spell ya name n put ya face in it
N hang wit da nigga wit da game face spinnin
Grab it run rag it or zig zag it

And it don't even matta if it in the package
Put on the side so wen ya boy hit the east side
I'm lookin fo the 5'5 g-fine
Ay yo fo reel give that va dicount

I'm tryin to bounce wit a whole ounce


The chronics blowin [Repeat: x 4]

Do you wanna smoke wit me
Come and keep me company
Maybe come n fuck wit me
You should smokes wit me [Repeat: x 2]

Do ya do ya do ya do ya do ya
Do ya think that you can fuck wit me
Do dat bbc nigga

The chronics blowin [Repeat: x 8]

[Children laughing]


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