Songteksten van Too $hort

10 Bad Bitches
2 Bitches
4 tha Hustlas
A Week Ago
Ain't Gone Do it
Ain't Got No Haters
Ain't My Girlfriend
Ain't No Bitches
Ain't Nothin' Like Pimpin'
Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'
All The Time
Analyze the Game
Anything Is Possible
Baby D
Bad Ways
Baller B****
Baller Bitch
Be My Dirty Love
Bia Bia 2
Bia' Bia'
Bia' Bia' 2
Big Booty Hoes
Big Sexy Thang
Big Thangs
Bitch (Remix)
Blow the Whistle
Blowjob Betty
Booty Bounce Bopper
Broke Bitch
Burn Rubber
Busy Body
Buy You Some
California Girls
Call Her A Bitch
Call Me
Call Me
Call Me Daddy
Came in the Door Pimpin'
Can I Get A Bitch
Can I Hit It
Can't Get Enough
Can't Stay Away
Can't Stay Away (Outro)
Can't Stop
Candy Paint
Cash Sniffin' Noses
Cash Sniffin' Noses
Chase The Cat
Check Yourself
Check Yourself
Cole World (Outro)
Coming Up Short
Dead or Alive
Didn't I Tell You
Domestic Violence
Don't Ever Give Up
Don't Fight the Feelin'
Don't Fight the Feeling
Don't Fight the Intro
Don't Fuck for Free
Don't Hate the Player
Don't Stop Rappin'
Dope Fiend Beat
Earl That's Yo' Life
Every Time
F**k Faces
Female Players
First Date
Fo Yo Sorrows
Freaky Tales
From the Ground Up
Fuck Faces
Fuck Faces (Butcher Blend)
Gangstas & Strippers
Get It
Get Low
Get Off the Stage
Get That Cheese
Get in Where You Fit In
Gettin' It
Getting It
Girl (That's Your Life)
Give 'Em The Blues
Giving Up The Funk
Good Life
Gotta Get Some Lovin'
Hard on the Boulevard
Here We Go
Hey, Let's Go
Hobo Hoeing
How Does It Feel
I Ain't Nothin' But A Dog
I Ain't Trippin'
I Just Wanna
I Like It
I Luv
I Must Confess
I Need a Freak
I Want to Be Free
I Want to Be Free (That's the Truth)
I'm a Player
In & Out
In the Oaktown
In the Studio
In the Trunk
Invasion of the Flat Booty B******
Invasion of the Flat Booty Bitches
It Ain't Over
It Don't Stop
It's All Good
It's Alright
It's Your Life
Jazzy H***
Jazzy Hoe's Part 2
Jazzy Hoes
Jewels N' Drugs
Jewels N' *****
Jewels N' Drugs
Just Another Day
Just Like Dope
Keep Fuckin' Me
Keep Hustlin'
Keep It Real
Latina Love
Lead the Way
Leave It Alone
Life Is 2009
Life Is...Too Short
Life of da Party
Like Me
Little Girls
Looking for a Baller
Luv It How You Get It
Mack Attack
Make It Rain
Makin' Papers
Married To The Game
Money In The Ghetto
Money On The Floor
More Freaky Tales
Movin in Your Chucks
Nasty Rhymes
Nation Riders Anthem
Never Talk Down
No Love From Oakland
Nobody Does It Better
Oakland Style
Of All Things
Old School
On my level
One Love
Only the Strong Survive
Paula & Janet
Pimp Council
Pimp Life
Pimp On
Pimp Shit
Playboy Short II
Player for Life
Players Holiday
Players Holiday
Pull Them Panties Down
Punk Bitch
Raider Colors
Rap Like Me
Rappers' Ball
Real Niggaz
Recognize Game
Recognize Game
Ride Wit Us
Ride Wit Us
Sample The Funk
Say I
Shake That Monkey
Shake That Monkey (Butcher Blend)
She Know
She Loves Her
Shittin' on 'Em
Short But Funky
Short Dog's in the House
Short Short
Shout It Out
Sliding Down the Pole
So International
So International
So You Want to Be a Gangster
Something 'Bout Pimpin'
Step Daddy
Suckas Do What They Can (Real Playaz)
Super Crip
Survivin' the Game
Take U Home
Take Your
Talkin' Shit
Tell the Feds
Thangs Change
That'A How It Goes Down
That's How It Goes Down
That's Right
That's Why
The Compliments
The Dangerous Crew
The Ghetto
The Ghetto (Reprise)
The Old Fashioned Way
The Universal Mix
The World Is Filled...
These Are the Tales
This How We Eat
This How We Eat
This My One
Top Down
Toss It
Triple X
U Stank
Way Too Real
We Do This
What She Gonna Do?
What's a Pimp?
Where They At
Wild Wild West
You Can't Fuck With Us
You Know What I Mean
You Might Get G'eed
You Nasty
You Thought
Your Sister