Reason - Bleed

[Chorus: x2]
Experience destruction of self through greed
Still I resent every day that I breathe
True, it's on the negative that I feed
But that's how my dark soul chose to bleed

Explore philosophies based upon re-incarnated
Shaded ways of life display strive created
through the compliments belated,
Woke in the morning feeling hated by my loved ones
As I shove guns in my mouth in a dark alley in the inner city
Called the ghetto
Even dreams stated shitty
The acidity of my saliva enjoys my flesh
From the inside, the pain from moves from my gut to my chest
Here we rating like cancer breast from the stress level
On a quest to make money with sober fuck the devil
With this black magic forked-tongue that I amputate
With my mind, sometimes the rhymes the only way to ventilate
All the evil spirits from the inner-self
I concentrate, on flaws placed upon my inner-shelf
Observation, my, orbit, visionary
Pre-destination relief destroys what you carry, as choice
My voice reflects the dark times
The darkness, cleansed by kerosene
Now it's time for me to spark this flame
Spark this flame, spark this flame until ignition, refrain

[Chorus: x2]

Captivating my movements, my mentals move through
All the un-natural elements designed to disgroove
The harmony between, the scars on me and the
Contruction of character, I live with agony
As a re-occurant theme the motive is blood
I bleed, beneath the surface deep beneath my face I bleed
I believe, echoes in my mind as Apostle's Creed shines
My thoughts empower me, to devour the, strong side of me
Now cowardly I cry, As I try to defy three
Of the lovers in my world
Family true Earth and this music is my girl
Damn she used to love me, hope you dub me
Onto tape numerous times,
Then you lose generations and eventually lose mine
Non-existent, used to be positively persistent
Think about how myself forgot and now i'm jisted
Now I'm blacklisted, with flashbacks and nightmares
where I'm slash-wristed and my vertabrae is twisted
Point, I missed it, about life so take heed
To my audio-biographical sketch in which I bleed

[Chorus: x2]

That's how my dark soul chose to bleed (what, what)
That's how my dark soul chose to bleed (what, what)

Yes yes, yes yes

Writers: William Patrick Corgan

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music , Inc.

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