Nicki minaj - I get crazy
Overige artiesten: Lil wayne

I just came out of the mutherfuckin old school
Got my mac notebook with the pro tools
Yaeh bitches ain't ready for nicki lewinsky
Bad woof woof flyer then a frisbee
So I'm' up in mid-la eating mangos
Keep a couple pink toes in my sandals
Got some bangles all over my ankles
Such a star they say I'm' a star spangle
Buh buh buh buh buh banner I am the rap Hannah
Mah mon Montana so fix your antenna
I keep three hoes, but don't call me santa
And I am flyer then reindeer in the winter (in the winter)

I get crazy, I get crazy
I get crazy, I get crazy
I I get crazy
I get crazy,I get crazy
I get crazy,I get crazy

So I got a bad bitch mentality
'Cause I just came from another galaxy
I be with the president up in the white house
If we in the oval office then the lights out
'Cause I am the wicked witch I'm' the nickster
And I keep a bad bitch on my jickster
But I leave her in a second for a thicker
Rockstar little mama with a guitar
I am Nicki EL.EM.EN.OH.winsky
I mean my name ring bells like tinky
I mean tinker, tell that niqga link her
'Cause I'm' looking for some good brains from a thinker

I get crazy,
I get crazy,
I get crazy,
I I get crazy,
I get crazy
I get crazy,
I get crazy,
I get crazy,
I get crazy,

1, 2, 3rd floor hospital bound
Niqgas is doors and I knock niqgas down
Straight jacket crooked, I hear you lookin
I promise I'm' hard, and I swear you pussy
I ain't crazy, no yes I am
Right up in the coo-coo nest I land
I'm' fly now eat mah bird shit
Yeah I'm' crazy, I'm' crazy bout' your bitch
Wild animal on mah bewildered shirt
I love brain so I'm' looking for a nerd bitch
It's' Nicki Minaj, the superb witch
And weezy f. baby, no weezy f. crazy

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