Reason - Zim dollar zeros

And I'm seeing now, is that although independence had come,
It'd come to us only in political terms
The land we thought would come still hasn't come

Give me a Bells for the truth when it enters
This is that Nelson Mandela flow on that maximum sentence
Dedicated to all of y'all who own a percentage
Getting Zim Dollar zeros but don't pay at the entrance
I salute ya, Mugabe types who sign you appeal cheques
Talking general respect, Idi Amin cheques
Mean stacks JSE and B-double-E cheques
That 90k a month for soccer players for trees cheques
Respect for giving HHP cheques
And getting a ladder for whips that stays out of Egypt
See, many who never get to make it out of the deep end
If you're swimming in that money, never get sea sick
I mean it, 'cause this is my TLC shit
Spitting that mad gospel like Rebecca Bolimic
I'd expect to be treated like credible a genius
A name with African country like that one Portuguese did
We deserve everything on the continent
North Africa's is gas, Botswana's diamond empowerments
The oil up in Angola and the gold in the government
And add a cure for this AIDS 'cause my brothers is suffering
We trust in this
See, when it comes to my sustenance
Give me something other than another speech from the government
I'm tired of politicking hommie, I'm enough with it
Zeroes to the skies with my middle finger up in there

I'm on my Zim dollar zeroes
Zim dollar zeroes, zeroes, zeroes
Im on my Zim dollar zeroes, zeroes, zeroes
Zim dollar zeroes, zeroes, zeroes
Zim dollar zeroes, zeroes, zeroes
I'm on my Zim dollar zeroes, zeroes, zeroes

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