Kansas - Animals on the roof

We still stand out
It’s the way since the days of our youth
The strangest sight
Like animals on the roof
We were never ones to run with the in-crowd
But it’s time they listen up

They fall in line and keep on marching through
They never stop to see the world like we do
They don’t believe the flood is coming soon
But we know the truth
We’re animals on the roof
They box us in
With nowhere we can move to escape
We sound alarms
Their denial will seal their fate
It they only saw what we can see from here
They would start to listen up

There was something that pulled us to this place
A dull rumbling sound
There were chances to join
With the choruses
We just never came down

We stand out ground
Even though they keep saying we’re wrong
The evidence
Proves we were right all along
We always too the heat
For going our own way
But we’ll be here when they’re gone

We can stand on the truth
We’re animals on the roof


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