Eminem - All she wrote

Now I don't really care what you call me
You can even call me cold
These bitches knew as soon as they saw me
It's never me that'll get the privilege to know 'em
I roll like a desperado, now I never know where I'm gonna go
Still I ball like there's no tomorrow
Until it's over and that's all she wrote

You're starin' straight into a barrel of hate, terrible fate
Not even a slim chance to make a narrow escape
Cupid shot his arrow and missed, wait Sarah you're late
Your train left Mascara and eggs smear on your face
Night's over, good bye ho I thought that I told ya
That spilled nut ain't nothing to cry over
Never should've came within range of my Rover
Should've known I was trouble soon as I rolled up
Any chick who's dumb enough after I blindfold her
To still come back to the crib
Must want me to mess with her mind, hold up
She mistook me for some high roller, well I won't buy her soda
Unless it's Rock & Rye Cola (Faygo's cheaper)
Buy you a bag of Fritos?
I wouldn't let you eat the fuckin' chip on my shoulder
If you was bleach and I was hair I wouldn't die for ya
Trying to pull five bucks from me is like trying to pull five molars
You'll get your eyes swoll up, I'm on my straight grizzly
So why would I buy you a gay ass teddy bear bitch? you're already bi-polar!


Man TIP told me on this ho tip, best tip I could give you to help you
Is never to let these tricks trick you
Mighty ambiguous of you to think I love slut, shit
Dig you a hole? Take the shovel and dig you some dignity, bitch
Shit you talk about some advice that sticks with you
If I should listen to anyone, tell me to stick to my guns
Like double stick it's you, but fuck 'em TIP, it's cool
I'm chilling like a villain like the penguin in its fucking igloo eating fudgesicles
I'd rather slip and fall in shit than fall in love with you
Before I tie a fucking knot I'd tie you in one bitch
You think this is some Nintendo game how fucking dumb is you
I'll give you some lumps before I split some lump sum's with you
So here's a penny for your thoughts
But it won't buy you a cheeseburger
But a nickel might just get you one pickle
Fuck it, it's official so blow the whistle I got a trust issue
There's a bombshell, scud missile
Like I just cuss at you to fucking cuss at you
Like before I rapped I was a motherfucking stud
Slut, this will teach you not to come drunk, stumbling my way for shizzle
I still live like I bought you the Gilbert's Lodge checks stub bizzle
So fuck Sizzler these checkers are bust like a blood blister


Yeah I guess life is a bitch, ain't it TIP? And each one thinks they the shit
Shirt off my back ? I wouldn't give you the dirt off my handkerchief
I'm givin' these hoes a dose of their own medicine
Let em get a good taste of it
I'm sure you got that relationship memo by now, but in case you didn't
I'll stick this whole pad full of sticky notes to your forehead and staple it
Life is too short and I got no time to sit around just wastin' it
So I pace this shit a little bit quicker, that clock I'm racin' it
Double timin it', but I still spit triple the amount
Of insults in a tenth of the time that it may take you pricks
To catch on, while you strong arm like Stretch Armstrong
Man I still say K-mart's like there's an apostrophe "S" on it dog
And they say McDonalds isn't a restaurant, well I guess I'm wrong
But if you gonna tell me that A&W ain't the spot for the best hot dogs
You can get the "F" on dawg


All she wrote, all she wrote
I said it's over and that's all she wrote
All she wrote, all she wrote
Ya, goodnight it's over, and that's all she wrote


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