Dj quik - Puffin the dragon

To whom are concerned
Don't take me vain
I plowed a hard road for people like Little Wayne
I put it all in place
To have it taken away
And live in ridicule and grief, dismay
Before my face got stubble
My house burned to rubble
The party that I planned for the world got me in trouble
Journalists asked what I did with my money
I gave it to the needy
Not that greedy, I'm Quik
I do it like I wanna'
Something like the South of France
I want to hear the thunder
Now open up the ceiling, ask the valet
Pull the roof off
I want to feel the feeling
So let the raindrops kiss me on my Angelic face
I'm such a sport, had to ask the turtle
Was it a race?
And now I yield for the snail's pace

I'm up and I'm at it
I guess I'm a musical addict
I like it when my life is automatic
I'm summoning Magic
I gotta avoid it when its tragic
I'm puffin the dragon
It's fried chicken in back of the wagon
On the Interstate 15 to Vegas
We drunk and we niggas
They pay us



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