Phonte - Sweet you

What could be sweeter than you?

Mic check, is this thing on?
I ain't even know if I would rap or just sing on
It took me awhile but now I'm getting my swing on
Icarus in increments sometimes I put wings on
Every hero ain't a hero 'til there's a theme song
So many tries but every time it just seemed wrong
Saturday night just kicking it with my best man
Looked at my left hand, I got a ring on (oh shit)
How did we get here?
Started with a kiss then another kiss then another kiss
Then a covered dish with white rice, greens, and smothered fish
I'm lying, it was just chicken, niggas was thugging it
Now we got a covenant it's on, a bond for life
In all of my years this was the easiest song to write
It's my confession in a rhyme, a testament and I
Just wanna do my thing as I talk about a feeling that cannot be explained
Or a love that cannot be contained in a measurement or time
Some say it was a blessing in disguise
Scratch that girl, you a lesson from the skies
And I thank God for my winning cuz word to Lyfe Jennings
Finally letting go of the mistakes of my twenties
I admit that I am not an easy sell
But I'm the Petey to your Chiwetel
Your Big Boi to tell them bitches pay your beeper bill
My nigga be for real swore I wouldn't do it again
My man said that'll change
First time is all about working through your baggage
The second time around it's all about the baggage claim
Thank your maker, stack your paper
We're the real one, major key, clairvoyant
Leave them other hoes on read like clarinets
Gorgeous, no wrongs in this love song I wrote for us
Wedding play all day with no chorus, that's right

Writers: Phonte Coleman , Terrel Wallace


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