9th wonder - One night
Overige artiesten: Terrace martin Phonte Bird & the midnight falcons

I saw you stepping you over there
I wanna get to know you
Let me take you by your hand
And last go so [?] make you [?] you want it

Make it start [?] close enough
I'll take my time won't be in a rush
And you will be [?] I'm the man for you
So let's stop playin and do what we do.
One night, I think you'll be forever
One night, I think you'll be forever

So outlandish, so bon voyages to Atlantis
So '982 poppin oustandin
When she come to [?] She call me uncle Charley
Take it from the real I'm her gap banding
Mister claim on purpose tryin to [?]
And talk about how she miss tape
It is way out of the lead we gotta leave
'Cause she used all her sick days
I know you're probably used to lie a lie
And take it to the mall

Drinks and moe tricks and [?] They buy a [?]
Sayin' they take to the highest bar
But steady begin their bra on like cromo fire fox
Looking for the next brand chicken is the hell of the life
But is really ain't living you [?] hell of a side but I really ain't trippin
'Cause it's the hell of the night if you're feeling same let's go


I've been really feeling your energy [?]
I've tried to sing it to you
I think it's about time
Close enough
Be in a rush
Do what it do

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