Songteksten van Skyzoo

4 Bar Friday
A Couple Dollars
A Song for Fathers
A Tour of the Neighborhood
Albee Square Mall
All Day, Always
All in Together
Asking Bodie For A Package LYRICS
Asking Bodie for a Package
Baker's Dozen
Basquiat On The Draw
Bed-Stuy Is Burning
Black Sambo
Blue Yankee Fitted
Bodega Flowers
Care Packages
Carry The Tradition
Civilized Leisure
Crown Holder
Everybody's Fine
Everything'for Sale
Everything's For Sale
Finesse Everything
Forever in a Day
Free Jewelry
Give It Up
Give and Take
Hands Folded Together
Heirlooms & Accessories
Honor Amongst Thieves
Hoodie SZN
Humble Brag
I Was Supposed to be a Trap Rapper
Innocent Ambition
Jordans & A Gold Chain
Love Is Love
Make You a Believer
Meadow of Trust
Money Makes Us Happy
Nodding Off
On The Stretch & Bob Show
One In The Same
Parks & Recreation
Penny Jerseys
Playing Favorites
Plugs & Connections
Remembering the Rest (Interlude)
Rich Rhetoric
See a Key (Ki')
Soft Eyes
Something To Believe In
Sound Like...
Spoils To The Victor
St. James Liquors
Suicide Doors
Sweet Pursuit
Talk of the Town
Ten Days
The Aura
The Chase Is On
The Experience
The Flyest Essence
The Hand Off
The Moments That Matter
The Purpose
The Scrimmage
The Stick-Up Tape from "Menace"
The Trophy Room
The Vibes
They Parked A Bentley On The Corner
Things I Should've Told My Friends
Triangle Offense
Truck Jewels
Tunnel Vision
Visionary Riches
Welcome To America
Welcome To America
What Money Taught Us
Women Who Can Cook