Reason - The soul

With all due respect to people who do an intro
I'd just rather do this shit the way we've been doin' it

Look, patience, new beginning's comin'
Niggas been had drive, had to get the engine runnin'
You either die chasin' dreams or you gon' live for nothin'
Shit, nigga I'd get murdered 'fore I not make it
Niggas told me, "spot's taken"
Nigga, it's Reason, word to Liam Neeson
If it's taken once then you can take it twice
Don't ever think they love you, that's some great advice
So if you ain't used to pay attention, gotta pay the price
Shit, just a year ago, nigga, I was hatin' life
8-to-5 workin' for massa, I slaved through it
Nights cryin' to P like, "I hate music"
Now my shows sell out like Ray Lewis
Who is Reason, nigga? Nigga, I'm the thin line
I'm one nigga that think he big time
A walkin' contradiction, but admit mine
Outspoken but horrible, my feelings inside
'Til the beat play and all the pain come out
Let's speak 'bout what this game about
I gave it all to make it, I'm not leavin'
Do it for the streets, my nigga, the block bleedin'
Better off swallowin' knives than to try to stop Reason
I ain't a killer, but don't push me, I'm 'Melo with the hoodie
Mike Jackson with the boogie, Kobe Bryant as a rookie
But, I kinda like this shit
So if a protest me I'ma strike his shit, Del Amo's very own
Jordans in the closet, shit, that's where we bury bones
Soul ain't needed help for years, carried on his own
And still Carson in the house, put on for my city
Ain't no competition, we just got strong in the city
Ride for my city
A couple homies died and I cried for my city
Wishin' they was here to see it
Never asked Soul for help 'cause I didn't need it
Want him to be proud, I still respect him as a leader
So I paved my own way, made my own decisions
Keem asked if I was signed with Top and I felt indifferent
Not that I'm not grateful, just got my apprehensions, shit
"Nigga, what apprehensions you got?"
Came from the bottom, so of course I'm apprehensive of Top
Grew up with Crips, of course I'm apprehensive of Rock
Feel I'm the greatest, of course I'm apprehensive of Dot
Been often hated, ain't a square but come from the block
Look, my family sell dope, cousin caught some bodies
Now I sell crack music on some records, caught some hom-ies
Got signed, still broke, got high, still low
Long as Reason still spittin', nigga, still got hope
Reason do this for the soul of it
Ain't scared of layin' in dirt, nigga, we rose from it
The game's mine, it's not yours like nose runnin'
Swag drippin' like water so it's ironic how these hoes runnin' to a nigga
Nigga, it's crazy how these hoes used to do a nigga
Couldn't get attention if I paid for it
But I'm that nigga now
Used to run around chasin' bitches
Now I'm givin' bitches the run-around, script-flippin'
Don't compare me to niggas, this a big difference
I do this shit for the scholars and for the Crip niggas
With their weapons raised
Knew I would be the second comin' in the second grade
Reason hustled with it
I don't do much talkin', more of a demonstrator
Music turned a meetin' with Top into a "see you later"
Later turned that "see you later" to a "welcome home"
Won't take my foot off the gas until I'm dead and gone
Moosa said, "Patience, new beginning's comin'"
Niggas been had drive, Top got the engine runnin'
Either stand for somethin' or you gon' live for nothin'
Shit I'ma live for somethin', can't give this shit up
I was cursed with a dream
Ain't nothin' sweet about me, I ain't candy
But watch this star burst on the scene
I was givin' a blessin'
It's a slap in God's face if I ain't a livin' legend
My family needs the blessings
Pops still workin', auntie on the block
Mama in the hood, Faun still locked
Still ain't finished so I owe somethin'
Reason do it for the soul of it
There you have it

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