Ace hood - Testify

Right between, I used to, but don't give a fuck
Right where you becoming, please, don't switch it up
You must do not love yourself as half as much
You must search your soul and join a chosen bunch
You must know your steps before you Double Dutch
You best do your research 'fore you fuck with us
Bitch, I get that Kobe Bryant clutch feel
I can't stop 'til I get that LeBron deal
All the bases loaded I can't let you slide
I'm all the way back focused, ain't no cloudy skies
Driving on my passion, I can't sell you lies
Preachin' what I practice, "must I testify?"
(Testify, testify, testify)

Must I testify?
Ooh, must I testify? (testify)

They say when it goes around, it comes around
You say that they stole the flow, that's hand-me-downs
Y'all just ain't as tough unless ya'll man's around
I'm gon' call your bluff but ain't no snow around
Bosses on my line, hoes just want my time
Been tryin' not to snap 'em, ease it on the line
Asked some of my people, "he done lost his mind"
Type of shit they say when you focused on your shine
Happy and they hate it, "what you jealous for?"
Post a pic with queen and caption 'melanin'
I'm just out here livin' up my best life
Tunnel vision and I got my flashlight
Swagger on hello, hello, it's past nice
Future on some, ooh, that hurt my eyes, bright

Must I testify?
Must I testify?

That so that so that so that so electrifying
Lookin' in the mirror, like you glorified
Thought of resetting the goals, nigga been breakin' the mold
Do it for poverty homes, gotta remain in the zone
Gotta go get me a Grammy, I'm plotting on taking it home
I'm plotting on all of you rappers, I'm planning on taking the throne
Sleepin' on all of your music, I just bought a memory foam
If I die today or tomorrow my legacy carrying on
Facts, I'm in the back
I'm on some ready, whoever attack
I'm on some fuck it, I'm doubling back
Oh no, you gotta' be quicker than that
Niggas been sleepin' for too long
Nigga been quite for too long
Young nigga quick if you move wrong
Had to rewire fuse zone
Time-ticking but the glow different
And the mind-frame got divine in it
I believe in 'em but I ride with it for you weirdos that just don't get it
My Lord

Must I testify?
Must I testify?


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