Artiesten met een R

Roger Grasset
Roger Hodgson
Roger Kellaway
Roger Kellaway Trio
Roger King
Roger Klug
Roger LaVoie
Roger Len Smith
Roger Mancuso
Roger Manning
Roger Marks
Roger Martin
Roger Matura
Roger McGuinn
Roger Mcguinn's Thunderbyrd
Roger Miller
Roger Minami
Roger Miret
Roger Miret & The Disasters
Roger Mozian
Roger Neuman's Rather Large Band
Roger Neumann
Roger Nicholas
Roger Nichols
Roger Nichols & the Small Circle of Friends
Roger Perkins
Roger Powell
Roger Quesnell
Roger Reale
Roger Robinson
Roger Rosenberg
Roger Sanchez
Roger Scannura
Roger Schmeizer
Roger Shah
Roger Smith
Roger Springer
Roger Sturgis
Roger Tausz
Roger Taylor
Roger Tillison
Roger Toussaint
Roger Troutman
Roger Troutman II
Roger Troutman Jr
Roger Turner
Roger Vignoles
Roger Voudouris
Roger Wagner
Roger Wagner Chorale
Roger Wallace
Roger Waters
Roger Webb
Roger Welch
Roger Whittaker
Roger Williams
Roger Williams His Piano and Orchestra
Roger Withaker
Roger Wolfe Kahn
Roger Wolfe Kahn & His Orchestra
Rogério Caetano
Rogério Duprat
Rogério Skylab
Rogers, Eric Orchestra
Rogers, Joanne
Rogers, Kenny
Rogier van oosterhout
Rogue Traders
Rogue Wave
Rohan Reid
Rohan Seinor
Roi Méndez
Roine Stolt
Roisin Bagge
Róisín Dempsey