Artiesten met een R

Red Red Sun
Red Reduction Division
Red Remains
Red Ribbon
Red Richards
Red Rider
Red Riding Hood
Red Right
ReD RioT
Red River
Red River Dave
Red River Hymn
Red Robn
Red Robot
Red Robyn
Red Rock Engine
Red Rockers
Red Rodney
Red Rodney Quintet
Red Rodney's Be-Boppers
Red Roll
Red Room 420
Red Rooster Original
Red Rosamond
Red Rosamond, Aaron Babs
Red Rose Panic
Red Rosemary
Red Roses Black
Red Roses for a Blue Lady
Red Rova
Red Roy
Red Royal
Red Rozyd
Red Rozyd, Miura
Red Rum
Red rum, Sir, is murder?!
Red Salad
Red Sargenty
Red Savage
Red Scare
Red Scarves
Red Scoota
Red Sea Sharks
Red September
Red Serfs Revue
Red Shadow
Red Shaydez
Red Sheep
Red Shelled Turtle
Red Shine
Red Shiny Gyrados
Red Shirt Brigade
Red Shoes for Romeo
Red Shordie
Red Shrub
Red Silhouettes
Red Simpson
Red Sin
Red Sinclair
Red Siren
Red Skelton
Red Skies Mourning
Red Sky
Red Sky At Night
Red Sky Dawn
Red Sky Mary
Red Sky Stones
Red Sky Whisper
Red Skylines
Red Sky_Future Music
Red Sleeping Beauty
Red Smiley
Red Smiley & the Bluegrass Cut-Ups
Red Smiley & the Tennessee Cutups
Red smoker
Red Snapper
Red So Dred
Red Soda
Red Sofa
Red Solomon
Red Soul Community
Red Soul X
Red Sovine
Red Soxg
Red Spade
Red Spriggan
Red Squad
Red Stags
Red Star Rebels
Red Starling
Red Stars Theory
Red Steagall
Red Steel
Red Stick Ramblers
Red Studio Durango
Red Summer
Red Sun Alert
Red Sun Raygun
Red Sun Rising