Artiesten met een R

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Red Lotus
Red Lotus & Juju Mad Scientist
Red Lovely
Red Low
Red Lust
Red Maker
Red Man
Red Man United FC
Red Mank K
Red Marlow
Red Marouli
Red Martinez
Red Mass
Red Matter
Red Maverick
Red Mazzi
Red Mcfly
Red McKenzie
Red Means Go
Red Mecca
Red Medicine
Red Mellow
Red Melodi
Red Memory
Red Mesa
Red Method
Red Midnight
Red Migo
Red Mile Road
Red Misery
Red Mitchell
Red Mitchell Trio
RED Money777
Red Moon City
Red Moon Rounder
Red Moon Shaman
Red Morrow
Red Motion
Red Mundo
Red Music
Red Music & Carcano
Red Music & YMI
Red Música
Red Nails
Red Negative
Red Nichols
Red Nichols & His Five Pennies
Red Nichols & His Orchestra
Red Night
RED NipPle
Red North
Red Norvo
Red Norvo & His Orchestra
Red Norvo & His Overseas Spotlight Band
Red Norvo & His Selected Sextet
Red Norvo Orchestra
Red Norvo Quintet
Red Norvo Trio
Red Norvo's Small Bands
Red Norvo's Trio
Red Note
Red November
Red Object
Red October
Red of Atlanta
Red One
Red or Black
Red Orchidé
Red Output
Red Paintings
Red Palms
Red Pants
Red Paper Cranes
Red Parade
Red Parker
Red Pill Rhythms
Red Pill Rocker
Red Pillar
Red Pillars
Red Pine
Red Pink
Red Pinto Wagon
Red Planet
Red Poison
Red Powa
Red Pray
Red Q
Red Q and mētju
Red Queen
Red Rahimad
Red Raider Boys
Red Rat
Red Reaper
Red Reckless
Red Red
Red Red Meat