Shabazz palaces - Swerve...the reeping of all that is worthwhile (noir not withstanding)

Now, if you talking bout it, it's a show
But if you move about it, then it's a flow
Now, if you talking bout it, it's a show
But if you move about it, then it's a go
Now, if you talking bout it (nah) that's for show
But a nigga move about it, then it's a go, yeah
Now, if you talking bout it, that's show
But if you move about it, it's a go, well

Dynamic electromagnetic style utensils
Golden-tempered circles enjoyed only by the members
Heat sparks, raining vodkas upon the spinners
Moving and proving smooth shit, you grooving, you a winner
Aqua-walking, languid-talking, just stepped in the cleanest
Upper levels, precious metals drip your neck and fingers
Fifty zillion pops shirts, wave this and leaners
The hard sounding peoples, ain't nothing can't get between us
Dances received from the splash signals so to swim in
Magical places we get and with the shiny women
Win our idle pink girl, our bodies by wraith division
The moonlight and donnin' cloud glistenin' glazed, that we giftin
Every sound, we trying to mash and attention
We bung the latest feelings, they just re-rap through the givens
Them are talk first, we are observe and listen
Then shit you off the fiction plots and friction to the pistons
Ladies that twistin' it, music's kissin', you forbidden
Rappers that's fake, make no mistake, you we are dissing
To dance on the floor, and around, that is our mission
No sittin', getting fit and shit
And enjoy your chew with them niggas from
The does where the block space flow
Black cats, freestyles, big bro
Fly, die high, super wise on the floor
Said it go out fast, but it come back slow
What you know? (what you know?)
That it come back slow
It go out fast, but it come back slow
Nigga, mind how you go, keep your swerve in control
'Cause it go out fast, but it come back slow

Boogie woogie with your body, feel free
My mind loses connectivity
Or with the years, and plenty of seed
Wiggle, move the cold in me (saying)

See, you reap what you sow
Gathering it knows really never gets old
Stories and dance around to be told
So I

Shiver me timbers, relax my spine
Play it then, let my soul unwind
Streams of energy now intertwined

To sway my ifs comes instinctively
Communication distinctively
To unchain those like minded with glee
To wig out philocaly

United negro, movement improvement, eh
Like you wanted when the groove went improved you, that
You were wanted on the dance floor and you move back
To the wall with all the ((chu nu sta sing kat))
You plant wildflowers, I was dancing back-to-back
Ch-ch-cheeky, no, we stay geek, asthma attack
As we sweat it out, we get it out, we deal to that
To a girl that make me say, "Bang my heel to that"
And there's no need to oppose or appeal to that
Once the rhythm hits the rhyme I'm a filled with that
Nigga down la sol lime, I'm Corneel, get that
We catch it on libid's fine, say the realest cats

And it was never dubbed our trance
Back to 3 dimensions and hands in our pants
It was such a force, I tried to stop it but I can't
So still it morphs, this shit is way too advanced
(too advanced, too advanced)

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