The Alchemist - Hold You Down
Overige artiesten: Prodigy Nina sky Illa Ghee

When it comes to teks, I'm similar to a menace
Like ol'dog sniffin caine couldn't fuck with the damage
That I do to a bastard, keep playin around won't be nobody strong enough to (hold you down!)
Yeah, I leave 'em in shock
People got sentenced to life they stressed in the box
Most of my friends got murdered and damn I feel lost
Wish I was there when they popped off to (hold you down!)
Nobody but me, I got a whole gang of killers but that's how you gotta think
If you want to make it alive all in one piece
It takes much more of them things to (hold you down!)
Yeah, yo sonny, I'm well connected in the streets
We loyal to each other when it comes to that beef we get (down!)
Don't worry 'bout a thing dun dun I foreverly (hold you down!)

Even when shit gets hard I'm going to make sure that I'm around to (hold you down!)
Will never leave yo side till the day I die I'm gonna (hold you down!)
Recognize this game can be hard as long as you roll with me we are (down!)
Here by yo side to (hold me down baby!) (hold you down!)

Yeah, yo when the time is worst
Never leave my fam in a jam I'm dyin' first
Never (down!) to my last dollar I'm grindin' first
Never take the stand on my fam I'm silent first (hold you down!)
It's goin' down, feel me alchemist in the flesh
And I love this profession but I'll throw it all away in a second cause I'm (down!)
For the cause when my life is threatened
Take this and maybe that will (hold you down!)
Now you know how we cooks the pot up
You could get up in some things you would not want to so slow (down!)
And watch how I mold the sound so when I ain't around the music still (hold you down!)
But I'm a keep my eyes open yo I don't even blink
Keep my pen movin' down the line I don't even think just write it (down!)
On the paper get my vocals in sync
Check how it sounds (hold hold hold hold you you you you down!)


To all my people I war for, blow the four four for you know I gets (down!)
Even if we trapped standin' back to back I'll (hold you down!)
No matter if you wrong or right you still right for you I lay a man (down!)
I don't care if it's the president, I'll cock my heat and (hold you down!)
For all ya'll chickens in the club
If you hop in my truck, first thing ya'll gonna go (down!)
And when we get to the telly I'ma bend you over and (hold you down!)

Aiyyo! mobb, thugs, drops, and trucks
We get enough paper to front, you see our guns and duck (down!)
Somebody finna get wigged, homie I'll hold yo outfit and (hold you down!)
I seriously doubt it, my chain cost quart a mill now imagine what I spent gun shoppin'
Get bullets by the thousands and they say that we whylin
And I'm far from recluse, we fight on front lines with them fullies in the coupe
Before the drama and the shootin', then I take the bullets and die to (hold you down!)


(soon you"ll un-der-stand!)

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