Scarface - City under siege
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Can't Understand my city's under siege
F-a-see-e-M-o-be screamin 'cause I mean it
Till these muthafuckas bury me
37-40 pull dat pistol packin
Gun slangin, bangin southside
Heat bringer, heat slanger

Head banger, thought re-aranger
The bitch strangler, a total stranger
In your face with this thing aimed at ya
Your facin danger, 16 with one up in the chamber
I'm bout to stain ya, with this muthafuckin handgun

And fuck dem laws, dey got my brother already
Dey can suck my balls, average nigga have no luck at all
But because I be in my 'Lac chillin
They stereotype me, thinkin I'm into crack sellin

Man I'm windy city 2-20, anybody chin checker
3rd floor lake grove, 35th in leather gloves
With the snub nose, complex born and raised
And under siege every day

The definition, of a gaurilla
He is a killa, robbin for scrilla
Not your average every-day nigga
The laws at me, better off dead 'cause I ain't happy
Kill or be killed, Id rather go to war before they catch me

Arrest me, I told you before I wears vest's
A born legend by the way of .357
I'm an automatic with static its tragic Mr A-l-K-a-p-o-n-e
The last man standing

Rollin, ridin, slowly slidin
Creepin up in da corners where you hoes be hidin
Takin you over in ways you never even thought of
The city's under siege nigga don't get caught up

I'm a 4th ave lake street ridin ass nigga
Still a ? superior executioner
Da bomb M-I-d-w-e-s-t mirage
Da killa wit ?
(A city under siege)

Ghetto birds hover over southside Chicago
Ellis park killin fields, gang war rival
Bigger than the sears tower, I was a pain in the smoke
They found his body floatin the lake shore

8 holes filled up his body full of hot ones
Shot one, two, three, four, down like dominoes
Cop killin columbian 'nect ?
Split, grown snitch, its over with

I said a hip-hop, pour a cup of coffee
And then I sip and stop
Because we gettin watched by some new group
New brood mc's walkin round like you and me
But all they do is listen shit only a fool'd believe

275, big fat and nasty, fuck bein classy
I'm straight ghetto, chuckin beer bottles out da window
Nigga I been broke so I say fuck poppin some Don P
I'm drinkin MD 20-20
My city's under siege


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