Casey veggies - I'm the king

Hey Casey, where you about to go?
I'm about to go to the studio, man
Man nigga, you know we got practice
Bro, I ain't going to practice today
Man you miss practice again, dad gon' fuck you up
Oh well, I'm tryna do this music, man
Shit, you tripping but fuck it bro, be safe nigga

Like any parents would, we wanted our son
To have more than we did. So we pushed for him
To use basketball and academics to get out the hood

Picture me on my side of town with the top down and I'm riding
AC on cause it's hot outside, got a bad one beside me
We done came up
It's been a long time coming, I'm still getting excited
Foreign whips, exotic trips, my whole family got a pot to piss
See I'm the one to put the blame on, I grew up getting my fame on
They hear me but don't see my name on it
You took my swag, shame on you
If you knew better, then lil nigga you'd do better
My mind right, my whip clean
My money match my new sweater
Who better? They slept on me, we taking this to a new level
I be over shit, I dropped her off and I got right back into the cheddar
Nigga this my city and I run it like Usain Bolt
I been on tour not the videos and I always see the same hoes
Every track I spill my pain on it, nothing been the same for me
Wake her up in the morning and I make her tat my name on it like

After a while, my little man gained a strong will and different plans
It was then that he picked up a mic
I knew about the rap game and the last thing I wanted him to do was lose focus
He didn't. Not only did he make the honor
He had several acceptance letters to colleges
And a mixtape so compelling he was buzzing everywhere
He won my respect and he was allowed to pursue his dream
Now today when I listen to his music, there is no bigger fan
I'm Big Joe, Casey's father. Watch it work

A lot on my mind, I'm trying to show ya
That's part of life, you live and you grow
She sucking me slow, making me feel I'm on
Top of the world and I'm letting her know
I'm a young man, shit I'm getting manners
I just get this feeling, I don't understand it
I'm high off life and she faded off me
Love is a drug and I'm bout to O.D

I can tell shit gon' change
The crazy things she would for them diamond rings
Baby girl got her own she can be my main
I wonder if she all the way so that she wanna stay
The good ones go, no I can't let her down
I can't wait for it no, I need it right now
She tryna lay me down, know she a turn around
My mind go to different places when I spend time alone
It's sounding like "la-la-la-la-la-la-
What's on your mind, I want you to tell me right now
Lately I been feeling down and she go down
Go down, go down
Baby do it so good, she deserve a crown
And I'm the king
(Aw man, aw man, aw man
Aw man, aw man, aw man
Aw man, yeah)

It took a long time for Casey to get here
The trials and tribulations of life
The things that turn a boy into a man
The things that made my son live and grow
I know you waited patiently for this album
I hope it was worth the wait I hope you see his vision
I hope you see his vision

Writers: Leon Ware , Marcos Kostenbader Valle , Casey Jalen Jones , CHARLES OUYE SOMAN

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