Mobb deep - Timeless

Yes thank God for the Mobb we keepin it alive,
Respect to the new comers but respect mines
I'm young spit fire like a flamethrower,
H the reason I'm dope now I told him
My brother I got this we got this,
Sealed in the bag my bro it's in the pocket (uh)
Fresh from the era of fear and terror,
Yeah we major bitch most niggas never
Now look at us now we like a mirage,
Up to date everything songs and bars
Caps and hook I front you a 16 lend niggas a few lines,
Yeah that's mine this ground breaking fresh
There is no blue print set a few trends, then move on to new shit,
All praises through the Infamous 2
Fuck is that shit you rap
It's not true
We are


Say word I know it's not you frontin, like my hammer not dumpin
These days got my goonies on deck though, with nothing to live for
And let go dead ass in front of police Billy Kid shit with a cold reach,
Henny got me speakin with a slow speech and a sober tounge spit, it so deep
Locked at the bottom, I'm low key, don't want you anymore she chose me
Fuck outta here kissin on the rosary like a bitch on her period that's blowin minds
No rocket science Mobb Deep know we shine, we at war niggas gotta hold the iine
Cowards lookin witted like it's overtime you a force flag stil gonna hold the nine


I know what I am... and right or wrong people will look up to me
Because they think I am a success
I've got what they've always wanted MONEY
Without it you're nothing
Money buys dignity,
Poverty is a crime
Nobody asked you where you got your dollar
They ask you do you have it that idealistic shit won't pay you rent
I don't wanna start philosophizing anyway

Can you blame me I was raised from a cold street,
Make for a better story what they told me
Sad part this shit is real life, pressure on me nough to break a fuckin steel pipe

Wipe blood on my razor blade, teach niggas how to chill out and make way
When you see me take it easy, best believe me
This the real world nigga not TV
M.O.B.B money over bum bitches, Deeper than the sea floor you sleep with the fishes
When you try my tolerance dumb nigga, I'm a hip hop God
You just a fuck nigga, I do this for reals you wish you could
Talkin like you will I wish you would start a war
Get it on You are not that strong we are


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