Shabazz palaces - … down 155th in the mcm snorkel

We was
Escaping the bleak, pursuing a feeling
Pressure pushed them towards the instinct of brilliance
Capture then scraping the breaks off to build songs
They was in the park between the buildings
And they dancing face like “ah-hah” and “mm-hmm”
Voice would echo, calling--slap off the buildings
Anticipating ceremony to begin
Food provided by the neighbourhood dealers

They phrase nothing-words like “biting” and “chilling”
"Biting" meant that you was stealing and illing
And so thusly you were def’ly not "chilling"
They wouldn’t fuck with you just fuck with the real ones
We had sayings called like 52s and "fair ones"
Ya’ll just got it all you ain’t have to kill, huh
9’s Calibers, for bullshit you air huh
And your music make us real niggas tear up

Now my girlfriend name is [B-more Westriva]
And her door knockers was bamboos, believe that
And our two-tone leans of course they was creased up
Seen a god--Dapper Dan, down, and trucked up
The type of MC you be back then is “sucka”

Dons call ‘em honey dips
Gold and grey money clips
Selling out was not the lick
Of anothers clique
Wasn’t cool just cause you rich

Sit here, bang shots
Black and Puerto Rican stars
Twin rock the baddest furspolo
Maximas was kitted up

Writers: Ishmael Reginald Butler

Lyrics © Songtrust Ave , Fintage House Publishing

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