Shabazz palaces - Motion sickness


Activating, stop displaying
You have never made it
Since you were back on the pavement
This here would be dedicated
The mistake you made is wrong
I must have made it
I can't tell them, I told the gang
So I shit doing to the gang I made out

Money is no option
You're spending cash poppin'
Your girl poppin' latte
Big four leg, you are not dead
Shake your back , catch the scrape
Don't start, no potential for sale
It ain't hard to tell if you glow
Everybody know that, you win this show
Retainers paid out tryin' to match the playout
The streets are undefeateable, there's no way out
The world is closing up, growing up
Makes you cut, deal your eyes and maybe you can steal a truck
Watch your neighbours wondering who is really fakin'
To be us we need lots of fame
The main question
You never ask it
History said it's a casquette on a basket
The last place you can think they can get you at
80 miles from the saint they sent you at
Life's a bitch ,treat her good, but she'll get you back
No,we won't let you
How am I going to know that?
Tattoos, tattoos

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