Danny brown - Gremlins

I know some lil' niggas that thirst cream
That pop a bitch on camera and we ain't talkin' bout twerk team
Shootin' up cribs turnin' porches to smokescreens
Mama smoking nightmares chasin' her pipe dream
Hard to give advice behind the mind of the call
So his limits have ceilings cause his pop behind walls
School become a free meal
Streets become a cheap thrill
Same prices pa paid he gon' pay a cheap deal
Hourglasss empty but he lookin' for a refill
Revolver breakdancin, yeah he make that bitch windmill
Guess he's just a psycho in the city in the Chrysler
Everybody livin' spiteful nigga lookin' just to ice you
So we livin' hostile just to cop some Aeropostale
Trenchcoat Mafia, for a lil' Hollister
Gotta get his dollas up
So we hit the dice game
Lost all his re-up, now he rob the dice game
Probation violation call his ass the son of Satan
Got these old niggas scared like it's crystal lake and Jason
Cause they been through cases they ain't tryna go back
Fresh meat up on the street he give a fuck about that
Snatchin' Carti's downtown wear 'em same damn week
Tryna get the same bitches on the same damn street
Rob a ho ass nigga at the same damn time
At the same damn time, at the same damn time
Cause they gremlins


He just wanna smoke some kush
And fuck with some hoes at the mall
For that shit, he wished it all
Baby face and all, my lil' nigga gotta ball, lil' nigga gotta ball
Run up on you where that money at
Fuck nigga after that
Lean in that double cup
Lil nigga screwed up
Pop a pill nigga
And he don' feel nigga
You do it in the song, he do it for real nigga
And all his OGs is either dead or in prison
Scared to talk to him like, fuck it they won't listen
Unnecessary shit, thinkin' that he has to
A pair of True Religions dog, my lil' nigga blast you
Listenin' to 2 Chainz, ain't thinkin' bout college
I wonder if he knew that 2 Chainz went to college
I wonder if he knew that, would that change his mind?
Guess that's somethin' we'll find in due time

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