Trick daddy - Skit (thump in the trunk)

[Old lady (girl)]
(Hello um.. is Tony home)
No Tony ain't here baby
He not here
(Oh, he ain't their well can you give him a message)
Yeah what you want me to tell him sugar
(I want you to tell Tony)
Uh huh
(That he got me pregnant)
He got you what
(U heard what I said)
Aye what you mean he got you pregnant, who this is
(This KeKe, he know who this is, yo' grandson nutted in me)
Nutted in you (thats right)
My grandson ain't nut in nobody (yes he did)
He ain't got no churrun (I bet you he did)
You round here callin people house (I bet you he nutted in me)
Talkin bout' you probably, it's probably somebody else(He nutted in me, you don't know what you talkin
Probably 3,4,5 I don't know how many niggas you gone talk about done nutted in you (he the only person
I been wit)
God knows callin my house ol' foot shovo' ol' (Tony did nut in me, he nutted in me)
(I was on top of him and I ain't even get off of him)
Well you should of got off of him o.ol' crazy heiffer
(No 'cause I loves him u.u crazy)
You got I'm serious you got Tony twisted
(He got me twisted, I bet you I bet you he the daddy)
You got him messed up and I'm telling you probably had a bunch of men running the train on you what they
Call that ol' manaze mawazy ol'whatever it is
(Whateva, nobody don't run no train on me)
I bet ya, ol' ol ragady ass hoe (is you jealous, is you jealous, you ragady)
Ragady as a mutha fucker
Ragady as uh huh (Ol' hater, ol' hater)
No I ain't hatin on nobody (yes you is)
I bet you back in my day (what) I used to have em' goin crazy
(How you had em')I'm better than you (no you ain't)
My pussy badder than you're's
(Well tell me how)
Yo. Your pussy probably like wet dope won't sell nowhere

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