Gucci mane - Loaded
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So much cash that a nigga can't hold it
I walk around with bands on me nigga I'm loaded
Nigga I'm loaded, fuck nigga I'm loaded
All this money on me I can't tote it
I think I need help cause a young nigga loaded
Nigga I'm loaded, fuck nigga I'm loaded

My pockets got them ? like professor klump
I'm in a rarrari so the front yea thats what a trunk
I'm smoking thousand dollar blunts it smell like a skunk
I got pine a purple drink I'm a strike the punch
I took the bitch for breakfast but I gave a ? for lunch
I got three hundred thousand dollars eat my captain crunch
I get these bitches what they want I get like a flaunt
She just wanna address some ? wanna smoke a shunt
Oh thats yo girl? man don't get your panties in a bunch
You know she gobble on ma balls like they crunchy munch
I ball four quarter straight I don't ever punt
I'm in the club everyday, you just want so much


Nasty, white girl
Stacks in my house, don't need a bank account
So much mula, a bitch can't even count
Grab a stack don't hesitate to spend it all
Went to Lennox fuck duck the whole malls
Stacks in my attic, stacks in my carpet
Stacks in my mattress, bitch look at my apartment
Yea you see that paper coming out apartments
White brick mob, look wah we just started
Leave ours haters stanking like that muhfucker farted
Yo bitch just mad cause my shoes she can't afford it
Tweet another bitch yes ho I imported
Bring the mural checks cause bitch I'm important!


King of my city, you know I am the baydestrian
All this polo on you know I am any question
My super model bitch bad, if she is a lesbian
She let a white girl mob, she can join cause she mexican
I am not a actor don't play me like a desbian
My porno bitch a factor she just wanna a adian
Shout out to trey, I'm living like a maybian
I bought the bar out, they at the door saying let me in
I rock a lot Gucci Gucci, prada and fendi
My white bitch playing Gucci snowing pot outta of Benji
Stacks on deck like a nigga in a batter box
Nigga I'm loaded is that what you mad about?



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