Miyavi - Freedom fighters

We're Freedom Fighters
With the Statue of Un-liberty
Take the rudder, boy
And ram us (not into a building) into this age

Freedom of Speech? Freedom of Thought?
Without even sparing a thought on the freedoms we do have
It's "please please please"

Freedom of Blame! Freedom of Abuse!
Spending money we don't have, every last penny
That's what you call freedom right?
Isn't that also freedom?
So, will you also sell that freedom?
Then, what in the world is freedom anyway?

We're Freedom Fighters
When you close your eyes, blue sky
When you reach out, there is freedom
On days it gets cloudy and starts to rain
Let's take a trip up the rainbow
It's sunny above the clouds

Get it back, Get freedom
Break it down, Break Kingdom

Isn't freedom to blame for that?
Isn't that what we need freedom for?
So, will we then buy freedom back again?
In the end, where exactly is freedom?
'you say 'freedom' this and 'freedom' that
But what's that sitting right next to you?

Through rainy days and stormy days, Mr Sun is smiling
Shining, glimmering, haha

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