Keith sweat - Teach me

You say you want the simple things,
But to be treated like a queen you gotta have a king
I want to know all your dreams all your needs
That ain't his concern at all about those things
Step in my bed I mean my glass room
I gotta lesson that I really wanna teach you
Girl take a seat, I mean get comfortable
I hope you learn fast, and take it real slow

See I know what you want girl, I know what you need
Your man ain't got nothin' on me,
Cause thats my obsession, baby wont you listen and learn
From the best and let me teach you some things
(Need you a go getta somebody to love you better)
Let me teach you somethings
(Need somebody more fresher come learn from the professor)
Let me teach you somethings

You want to be held tight, hit from left to right, all night
You gotta turn it to the back let me give it a smack,
Girl I know you like it like that
Let me work you over ill massage your shoulders
Whatever you need I got it girl
Ill give it to you let you give it to me
Now you got your PhD


See if you got you a man that don't know how to treat you, treat you, treat you
Baby all you gotta do is call on the teacher, teacher, teacher
When its time for the lesson, love session, I need you to listen, listen
Can feel hear your heart beat, you get excited when you get what you need

[Chorus: Repeats till fade]

Writers: Keith Sweat , ROBERT LAVALLE HUGGAR , Lamar Taylor , Darnell Dalton

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group , Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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