Lsg - Shakedown

this is a shakedown
001 oh yeah
002 ooh ooh
003 (all over your body)
004 (all over your body)
005 Sweat, come on
007 KS: knock knock it's me
008 i'm at the door open up i'm ready
009 (i'm ready to serve you)
010 cause you been holding out on me
011 i got a warrant for you seach and seize
012 (all over your body)
013 GL: ooh, and please believe
014 i got my handcuffs with me
015 and i'm ready to use them
016 you're #1 on my most wanted list
017 so baby come and get your punishment
018 (freeze) freeze this is a
020 shakedown all the way down
021 all over your body
022 all over your body
023 put your hands up
024 spread your legs out
025 shakedown, shakedown
026 (this is a) shakedown all the way down
027 all over your body
028 all over your body
029 put your hands up
030 spread your legs out
031 shakedown, shakedown
033 JG sing
034 JG: you're coming with me
035 you can come quiet or make all the noise you need
036 (scream, shout)
037 you're staying overnight
038 you can't bail out unless you're acting like i like
039 (let me read your rights)
040 KS: 1. you got the right to remain silent
041 GL: 2. you caught your case and you can't fight it
042 JG: 3. so you might as well ride it and ride it until you drop
044 (this is a) shakedown all the way down
045 all over your body
046 all over your body
047 put your hands up
048 spread your legs out
049 shakedown, shakedown
050 shakedown all the way down
051 all over your body
052 all over your body
053 put your hands up
054 spread your legs out
055 shakedown, shakedown
057 i'm gonna shake you down
058 i'm gonna break you down
059 i'm gonna shake you down
060 i'm gonna break you down
062 we the jury of lsg
063 find you guilty and we're gonna make you scream (make you scream, yeah)
064 so be a good girl and come with me
065 do your time for the night and we'll set you free
067 shakedown all the way down
068 all over your body
069 all over your body
070 put your hands up
071 spread your legs out
072 shakedown, shakedown
073 shakedown all the way down
074 all over your body
075 all over your body
076 put your hands up
077 spread your legs out
078 shakedown, shakedown
080 (over chorus)
081 just the way you like it baby
082 just the way you need it baby
083 said all over your body baby
084 hands up
085 said can you feel me, can you feel me
087 shakedown all the way down
088 all over your body
089 all over your body
090 put your hands up
091 spread your legs out
092 shakedown, shakedown

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