Lil wayne - 4 corners
Overige artiesten: Lil scrappy Pimp c

Question what y'all know about swingers on a slab,
Thirties on a hummer
With the butterfly doors,
Lucky charm teeth lack on them D's,
Chevy's sitting high
Iced out everything,
Stacks on deck no bank,
What y'all know bout the five hottest
Niggas in tha game, bow wow,short dog,scrappy,
The boi lil Wayne, the homie pimp c,
We got a lil story to tell y'all where we come from.

[Bow Wow]
I come from where a Chevy wit a trunk full of bump is all that is that's wanted
In a year it don't matter long as you throw sum D's on it mouth cost more then
Your house on ten acres in the inside so fly niggas call me Jim baker from Ohio
To Texas we so infectious ATL to STL is going to be hard to catch us I'm talking
Bout weed, pills,sipping on bar, drinking crunk living like its no tomorrow see out of
Towners cant understand cause I cut all my words shawt popping tags is mandatory
Saturday at the mall hoods ain't hoods they cardboard's and zones car choppers
And when its on its on see the kids cant live without it it ain't nothing you can do
Bout it learn how to bounce and get out it hear me out kids cant live with out and it
Ain't nothing you can do bout it learn how to bounce and get out it and now answer
Me this.

[Chorus: Pimp C]
What y'all know about them them country boys coming down in candy toys playing hard
Talking noise what y'all know about them country boys
Coming down in candy toys playing hard
Talking noise what y'all know about them country boys
Coming down in candy toys playing hard
Talking noise what y'all know about them country boys
Coming down in candy toys playing hard
Talking noise

[Short Dog]
The boy country like overalls
You know that dog catch me in a slab same color as bowling balls
Crusing up the avenue i'm probably gonna give you up on cost
Cause I ball hard and I'm stunting just like
Its no tomorrow so yesterday I swear I spent bout fifty g's on a wrist watch that shine
Brighter then
A Christmas tree if you was getting cheese you would
Probably spend too so don't hate em cause I blow
Paper like the wind do and hop out clean
So watch your queen I'm biggest balla in Houston homie not you
Ming I mean i'm getting money man so my pockets hell a chubby
And I be sipping drank that's purple like the
Teletubie when comes to the women dog I can tell
They love me they send they put there panties in a envelope and
Mail em to me and now hows that for some fan mail
But me and bow gotta question know the answer raise your hand


[Lil Scrappy]
They call me fisher price cause all I do is play nice
And I hang around gang of guerrillas that love to fight I'm the ice
Man I'm far away from the sun but I'm still hot like a pushing a my charger
Look like a muscle lifting a ton you can pick
On me then you picked the right one you pass another drink
I'm sipping on another one you trust me up I'm blowing
Got a fruit loop coup looking like orange juice
When them niggas see the truth they don't be knowing what to do
Yeah i'm scrap the youngest in the nation young nigga
Quit hating on the money that I'm making I'm just country


[Lil Wayne]
Look they call me Wayne that is our chaperon
So far ahead of the race I don't know what lap I'm on no
Lil young Louisiana hit you with like MC Hammer
And money talks so that's my grammar if you ain't bout money you can
Step like a gambler am I the illest doing this hell
Yeah I am fresher then the prince of Bel Air and OG is what you smell
Here smoke the biggest don't worry I brought
A spare they say I'm at the top but I'm all most there
And when I get I will sit don't worry I brought a chair
I put ice all over the altermare but watch
Game face time is hard to tell and I will do whatever
The carter shell so hot going out wit me is like going to hell

[Chorus: x2]

Writers: SHAWN CARTER , Shawn C Carter , DWAYNE CARTER , Jermaine Dupri , Timothy Z Mosley , LEONARD CASTON , JAMES PHILLIPS , Kyambo Joshua , Anita Poree , DARRYL RICHARDSON II , CHARLESTON DUANE DAVIS

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