Pat green - Cannonball

Girl you are, my kind of lover
I'm still amazed that we found one another
Cause I'm just a man, selfish and proud
You could have been gone, but you're standing here now
I know I don't say it enough
But I long for your body and I live for your touch
All the moments when its just you and me
Right where I know I should be

Cause you save me baby
From myself
Can I be saved?
Only time will tell
You're the difference
Between luck and love
Hit me when I wasn't looking at all
Love like a cannonball
Tear down the wall, love like a cannonball

Tonight, well I said what I said
I had too much to drink and went out of my head
And I'm sorry, and ill give up the fight
So lets lay down together and get through the night
Closer and closer, right by my side
Here in the dark where there's nothing to hide
Well spend a lifetime under these covers
There's so much of you that I have yet to discover

[Chorus: x2]

Love like a cannonball, love like a cannonball,
Love like a cannonball. love like a cannonball.

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