Pat green - Goin' down in style

I left Houston, Texas on a gulf coast hurricane I was blowed down by a
Tornado washed up by the rain well my pappy wasn't happy with mehe told me to go
So I stole my daddy's Cadillac and head on down the road I had a grin from ear
To ear with each and every mile I was headed for the border man and I was going
Down in style

Now I hit Corpus Christi and the wind was at my back I drove them
Women crazy with my daddy's Cadillac ya I cruised them down that boulevard I
Treated them like queens took em all the places that they wanted to be seen and
When I had to leave em I'd tell with a smile im headed for the border man and
I'm going down in style

Well you gotta take your chances if they ever come along close your
Eyes and listen to the great big engine wind it dont really matter weather you
Are right or wrong cause when you cross the border man you leave this world

I stomped on down the peddle set the cruise control 500 raging horses
Be on by the state patrol lord the sirens were a screaming lights flashing red
There's a dozen more waitin at the road block up ahead had them scattering like
Chickens a heard one of them say he's headed toward the border and he's going
Down in style

Now when you cross the border you ain't never coming back there ain't to
Redemption when the cops are on your tail when the closest thing to heaven is a
Great big Cadillac the city lights of Houston or the firey gates of hell well
The nabbed me on the hill that over looks the Rio Grande and I was feeling just
Like moses looking on the promise land well they hauled me back to Houston put
Me in the jail where my momma started crying my daddy paid the bail well I'm
Sorry I'm not there to hear the outcome of my trial cause I'm headed for the
Border man and I'm going down in style



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