Anne weiss - Tattoo

I saw him in the rear view mirror
moving fast between the cars
hair shorn to silver
tattoos underneath his scars
the bankers and the lawyers
sitting smugly in the cars
maybe they despise him
he's better at that then they are

You think that nobody cares
just because, just because
they seem like they don't care
you think that nobody cares
just because, just because
they act like they don't care

I've seen guys like him before
maybe he's just full of pain
maybe he's like they are
just trying to run away
maybe he's like I am
everybody feels betrayed
I think all about these things
as much as I think about you

The accident was no surprise
everybody knows the odds
but the people leaping from their cars
who risked their lived to run across
and people ripping their fine clothes
to stop the blood and stop the loss
the perfect woman on the perfect phone
shouting she would pay the cost
and some people were crying
some singing him a lullaby
and no one was afraid to love
and no one was a afraid to try

And I think I know you now

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