Chien-Po Yao Ling Po Randy Crenshaw Ling - A Girl Worth Fighting For

Well I don't need her to be all smug and snooty
I got a plaque right here that says I kicked hun booty
We have everything we dreamed we find when we came back from war
Yeah, everything but a girl worth fighting for

My girl will laugh at all my jokes
But tell it to me straight
She'll rub my head when I get sick
And let me pick off of her plate
If ling can find a girl who likes his chopstick nose trick
Ooh he really better just propose quick

Well I have to say based on today I'm cranky
I'll just spend my life with you two
Pass the hanky
And there's no one there to steal my chair
And twirl around the floor
Wish I had a girl worth fighting for

I would be true
To a girl worth fighting
I'd make fondue
For a girl worth fighting for

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