Jessie Rae - Don't Care

I ain't thinking bout you haters ova head
I ain't thinking bout them hoes ova dere
Say whatchu want to say
I'm too drunk to care too drunk to care
Do it look like I care......naw
I'm thinking bout bustin dem guns
I'm laid back wit that 151
Say whatchu want to say
I'm too crunk to care too crunk to care
Do it look like I care......naw

[Rome's 1st verse]
I'm tryna get it playa
I'll make em feel it playa
What chu hatas tryna do
Rome already did it playa

My wheels spin like a Farris wheel
Since my days of youth
I was bumpin dolla bills
You niggas kno it's real

And imam tight and still
Only I was 8 when I signed why 1st deal
It's in my genetics to neva be a jealous man
'Cause a jealous man is part feminine

I'm half amazing my homeys blazin
And dey don't hit the club till they look Asian
See you could blind fold em wit a shoe string
Niggas tryna study how I try ta do thangs

Wit cha blue wings like the water in grill Jamaica
And we far from fakas see cake like bakas
Hatas cannot break us
Ralph can't forsake us
'Cause we built the legacy like the LA Lakers


[Youngbloodz Verse]
Now do I look like I care do I look like I give a damn
Say whatchu say or whatchu want when you the bottom man
A lower level that I'm on
I'm crunk and crunk and bout foolish in the zone

So dig it we ova here just doin what we like
Not stuttin whatchu yellin
But push me to bigger night
Young BloodZ wit Young Rome

Believe it yea you see it
Posted wit a group fulla freaks
Where you can see it

Now we crunk in hea
Why'all ain't drunk in hea
I don't see no shots a liquor man dem boys drank beer
Man who dey posta be lookin like some hoes to me

Don't make me pop that trunk to the lac
And wet up yo wifey
You kno where I be

All dem ball wit me
You got me ridin, swirvin, sackin up and serving
Posted on the corner
Police ridin but we ain't nervous


[Romes 2nd Verse]
I see that niggas want to look at me the wrong way
'Cause my papa stackin everytime you hear my song play
I handle my B.I rubberban man like T.I
Getin my money since I was knee high

Pumpin bottles in the V.I
Chillin wit a diva ultimate group move units like a cheetah
Security ??
Whole team bling wit jewels and wife beatas

You talking ?? and got a bunch of misdemeanors
Petty crimes stealin tvs
I'm big league why'all niggas is pee wees
I see more green den the fish see sea weed

You say you seen more drugs den Dwayne Reid
But I don't belive you and nona ya people homey
You can see far from evil
Starin at me ain't helping you eat

I'm bout to take a few freaks back to the sweet
[unknown lets role

[Chorus until fade]

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