A.18 - Gravelines

Let me approach you with a scenario
I am the poison run through your veins
Let me hit you with another
I am the voice that calls you back to the grave
This is the dead tree whistling
And the hum from a blood red sky
Even if the clouds cry forever
Today is an epic day to die
This is my gift
This is my curse
This is denial
Get back in the grave
Let me suffer you with love
As of yet still the greatest pain by far
Let me be asphyxiation
From the pain you hold so dear
Kiss the lonesone stone that bears my name

As you step to the graveline
And admit once and for all
That without me you cannot live this life
I am gone forever
I am souless flight
And the greatest gift I could ask
Is to die tonight
Because you make me breathless
And my lips turn blue
And all I can offer in return
Is to give my life to you
You are apparition
You are phanton eyes
And I swear I can see right through you
Haunted smile
Eternal lovely(ness)
As your heart expires
This is the first in a long list
Of last goodbyes

Writers: JR. , Isaac Golub , Michael Gavin Hartsfield , Thomas R Stretton


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