Tite Chalie Boy - Get Back

[Hook - 2x]
(get back), the time to play is over
(get back), don't act like we ain't told ya
(get back), we some Dirty 3rd soldiers
(get back), and we bout to run you niggaz over

Tite draped in jewels, with my mind on my cash
Living the fast life, trying to get me some ass
Block born and raised, reputation is due
It's the Dirty 3rd Nutt, draped down and blue
I'm that gangsta cat, making haters get back
Ain't no need to talk, when I grab this Mack
Tatted up nigga scarred, from the shit I saw
There's the answer to the question, why I come so raw
I stay focused dog, when I enter the booth
Everytime you hear the Nutt, best believe it's the truth
I keep 'em stacking up back, cause I hit like that
I'm a Dirty 3rd soldier, nigga fuck with that
When niggaz hear the Tite flow, they say rewind it dog
Niggaz asking on the streets, where they find me dog
I'm hot as hell a flame, boys peeping my name
Making way like a train, haters dying in pain come on

[Hook - 2x]
[Chalie Boy]
I'm unstoppable
You still trying to drop me, I'm unstoppable
You don't get it bitch, that means that I'm untoppable
You niggaz are full of helium, you poppable
That means you knockable, I'm in your trunk (dumb ass)
I'ma exam you bitches, bout to flunk (dumb ass)
I smell pussy, naw that's scum (dumb ass)
Ask around, niggaz know I'm no punk (dumb ass)
That's why you jump (dumb ass), so what's the deal
We bone hard, on the mo'fucking field
I got the talent never slacking, in this deal
You better box, cause you don't want to pack steel
See that's real, we in the club with my thugs
All my real niggaz, throw they hood up
Them girls down on the flo', show me love
And any nigga starting shit, gon get hugged (hell yeah)

[Hook - 2x]
I hit the scene trunk tight, Henn' Coke or some Sprite
Got the Tite feeling light, I'm iron like might
Trying to move the crowd, with whatever it take
Only the strong survive, so I know my place
I want cash hoes and fame, like a fiend want crack
With Chalie Boy and Tite, making boys get back
I gotta get it and go, like a thief in the night
Making haters move around, like a pit when it bite

[Chalie Boy]
I think you better get back, there's no way you can win
At the top's, where I'm gon stay till the end
Won't stop, so much I can play in the Benz
I'ma stay hot, so I can display dividends
Mark, set, ready, go
If you want it, let me know
Don't get close, like tic-tac-toe
Get back 'fore you get that, click-clack oh

[Hook - 2x]
Chalie Boy & Tite, Still Standin'
To book Chalie Boy & Tite, holla at me

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