8ball - Put that thing down
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J.E., Eightball and MJG
Yeah, yeah

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
I put my thing down, man we put that thing down (We put that thang down)
And we be ballin' outta control cause we some playas homie
('Cause we some playas homie)
We ghetto superstars, ridin' in the newest cars
And we be ballin' outta control 'cause we some playas homie

Baby come get a hug, yeah, check this out
Uhh, yeah

My head be full of these thoughts of
How many people love when we hit the club
How many girls want to come get a hug, how many niggaz just want to go thug
Smoke bud, that a pimp know that they town crunk
Introduce me to some honeys that ain't actin' funny
Not them champagne, poppin those, requestin' hoes
Ain't got no dough and uhh, always want to blow dro and uhh
Always want to be showin' up, always want to say 'no' and uhh
All I really want to do is cut you up; both of us, can bust a nut
We put that thang down, I'm always gonna be myself
Never did imitate no one, never will cause I ain't got time
Not me cause I ain't that kind, cats like me hard to find
You better do like B.G. said, "Step back and respect my mind
Eightball and MJG, since day one we was destined to be
Two MC's that put shit down, what you get is what you see
And ain't nothin gonna change dawg, we ain't gon' get strange dawg
MJG pimp these hoes, and I'm gon' be big Eightball


Here we come again off that Hennessy and sticky weed
Playas of the millennium, Eightball and MJG
See some gon' hate this, just cause they can relate to this
Talk down and have a fit, cause your mom want to hear my shit
That's cool, okay, MJ, whatchu say?-aca

Writers: BRANDON CASEY , BRIAN CASEY , Brandon D. Casey , Brian D. Casey , PREMRO SMITH , PHALON ANTON ALEXANDER , MARLON GOODWIN , Phalon Alexander , Marlon J. Goodwin

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