Stephen Malkmus - Us

I wish we could get our act together
Make some sense of present tense alright
Take our time with what we find and fear it
Don't you know there's someplace else that we can go
Billions of trees to climb
I don't really know your taste in ceilings
I don't know the rpm you rev
But for now I think I'll keep on reeling
This adventure needs a little game, my friend
It never ever ends
We're locked in to talking a lariat knot to a Cree
A walk in the cotton a rebel attempted to ski
We're locked in to talking I'd rather you not than agree
To walk in in cotton a rebel attempted to ski
On gypsum slacks, you can't do that
Streaking through the ferns in Allegheny
Chatting up a panda in a bar
Well I like wearing slippers when it's raining
This attraction bleeds into a thirst, like it always does, here

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