Margo Guryan - Please Believe Me (A Watergate Love Story)

(A Watergate Love Story)

Words and Music by Margo Guryan

Please believe me, I didn?t know
Her huggin? and kissin? me would hurt you so
Please believe me, I never lied
I only tried and tried and tried
To make you understand

I didn?t explain at first, but that was for you
You might have believed the worst, and the worst wasn?t true
I did, I did, I swear I did it all for you

When people started talking, I sent my friends to you
And they put out the story, she was just my Cousin Sue
You heard from hidden sources a story close to mine
Till they misspoke and told you Cousin Sue was eighty-nine

Please believe me, though what I say
May soon be inoperative, it?s true today
Please believe me, I?m very cool
At that point in time, as I recall I did it all for you

Then someone misinformed you: there was proof in black and white
But there aren?t any letters, Cousin Sue can?t even write
It was vicious innuendo that convinced you I had sinned
But I?d never leave you twisting slowly, slowly in the wind

Please believe me, I?m staying here
The fact that I?m true to you is perfectly clear
Please believe me, you?re just a kid
Therefore you must believe I did, I did it all for you

It was wrong for you to ask them at the Watergate Hotel
If Sue and I had been there, it was wrong for them to tell
I know you?ll understand it when the facts are yours to see
I swear I never touched her; she was making love to me

Please believe me, I love you a lot
I?m gonna take care of you, if you like it or not
Please believe me, you?ll never get rid
Of someone who did, he did, I swear, I did it all for you

© 1973 (renewed) DARTMOOR MUSIC
Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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