Grimm - Lately
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[Lil' Bing]
Lately I been thinking bout a major
I gotta grind, kinda low on my paper
Lately I been thinking bout a major
I gotta grind, kinda low on my paper
Lately I been thinking bout a major
I gotta grind, kinda low on my paper
Lately I been thinking bout a major
I gotta grind, kinda low on my paper

[Lil' Villain]
Man looky here 'cause, I'm doing bad I'm lacking paper
don't give a damn bout to pull a major
20 G's so I'm living greater
I sipp the tuss don't give a fuck
Got young ass niggaz looking up to us
I set for the lick why'all bring the drugs
Know what I mean all about my green
Gotta a hit a lick with methazine
Shit nigga I need the cash
Better give it bitch before I smash your ass
I'll reach to grab and i'll start to stash
I'm running down the block with heat in the hands
I'm busting rock cause they fighting back
Mutherfucker recognize I need to jack
They saw my face now they want to kill me
But bitch recognize I'm a reckless G
I'm a thief, A raw, I steal for real
that's why they call me little Vill
So mutherfucker make the deal
ain't giving them shit I spend it here
With me and all my couple of pills
We need to eat, we got kids nigga
Why you thinking I'm grinding nigga
On the mic but staying hard
All my mutherfucking blacks on boulevard
I swear to god man shit getting hard
And I pray to you look out for my daughter
Cause one day shit might get sour
All mighty dollar work in your hour
All for the love of money and power
From the north just like a coward

Man I cutted me another set of ki's knocking at my door
Should I cover that or promise back 36 more
Make that twelve twenty four before my feet hit the floor
Bubble that brought back when I see steve at the store
Coke dealer fa sho the next connecter coming through
Gotta run the dope can't let the dope run through you
One truth from the start ill leave you stuck in the end
Believe its nothin to him to see you sucking up wind
you've been told now I kept you known go about you business
The risk is live it to your life, and live this
The dreams oversees the world is yours to for
Take what you can get and pass that on to more people
No secrets, no second chances, no paid advances
No snatches, no ranches in Texas and Kansas
The times done got hard, years don't feel short
This games flipped apart I'm drifting apart but...

I got the fever for a flavor, I been thinking bout a major
Stacking paper that's my nature, pull a stunt to major capers
Big Ike I'm a keep it gangsta light it up and pour my drank up
With intentions just to gank ya, take a toke till a nigga thank ya
I'm a gangsta cock the rugger, I got killers and I got Hoodlums
I got Mexicans that'll do ya plus some young niggaz that'll school ya
You got pulled and I'm a rush ya, I'm that one that jacks the hustla
I'm a gangsta motherfucker known to knock me off a buster
And lately I been peepin I been creepin while you sleepin
Instead of seekin like I'm fiend ya for the dope to even keepin it
I'm in a Lincoln thinking throwed cause my homie gets the throwed
Up off the dope, but with a home, sixty G's and twenty fours
Stupid hoes to spit the game, give me the pussy then slang
For your weed and your change and if you bleed then we the same
So we can bust or we can spray, it ain't no trust up in this game
So I'm a jack and I'm a slang and I done tried but I can't change, but..

[Till Fades out]

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