Margo Guryan - Good-bye, July

Good-bye, July

Words and Music by Margo Guryan

Good-bye, July
I had a good time while you were here
Good-bye, July
I guess I'll see you again next year

And yet I can't imagine having
Much more fun
Than we had
We three

Sitting on the beaches
Soaking sun
July, my love
And me

Good-bye, my love
July has stolen your heart away
Next time I love
I'll love in April or March or maybe

Winter is the best time, after all
Away from summer's golden sun
Away from girls (those) who kiss and run
And take your true love just for fun

Oh well
Farewell love and
Good-bye, July

© 1966 (renewed) DARTMOOR MUSIC
Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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