Margo Guryan - Values


Words and Music by Margo Guryan

Yours are nice
They fit you like a glove you?ve sewn
Too bad
I?ve got to find my own

Yours are good
They?ve seen you through the bad times you?ve known
I?ve got to find my own

I don?t know how many times I?ve relied on you
To see me through
Never an original thought in my head
I think I?m starting to think there was something wrong
All along
I?m full of words I?ve never said

Yours are fine
I?ve seen you squeezing water from stone
I?ve got to find my own

I know you?ve thought about me when you wanted to:
After you
Maybe that?s the way you believe people are
I must be crazy to look for an empty seat
On a two-way street
Your way just hasn?t got me far

Yours are great
You laugh at all the chances you?ve blown
Good-bye, I?ve got to find my own

© 1974 (renewed) DARTMOOR MUSIC
Used by permission. All rights reserved.

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