Django reinhardt - Chasing shadows

Life without a romance is a life that's sad
I've never had a love of my own
Every day is just another day to me
Why must I be alone

Chasing shadows
Chasing love dreams in vain
While my heart keeps on singing
Just a lonely refrain

Chasing shadows
All is cloudy above
Like a shadow I'm drifting,
Hoping I'll find my love, find my love

Who knows some day someone may come along
And change my lonely song to happiness
Unitl the darkness fades into the dawn
I'll just go on, I guess

Chasing shadows,
Just a dreamer am I
Hoping I'll find a rainbow
When the shadows roll by

Walking 'round in circles. don't know where I am
Or who I am, My mind's in a daze
Nothing happens just another day is gone
Must I go on always

Writers: BENNY DAVIS , Abner Silver

Lyrics © Warner Chappell Music , Inc.

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