Orbital - Medicine

She's a car broken down out on the highway
She's a good little girl but her daddy don't know
I said my bed is just a moment away
She stops herself , she holds herself, and she shakes her head
She says, "I'm all alone in this town
I'm gonna buy myself some brand new things
I'm gonna get myself together
I'm gonna break myself and take myself to some other time

A brand new dress, some brand new shoes, a brand new cup for tea
Don't burn yourself, don't hurt yourself, don't fall down on your face
I made my bed, I'm gonna sleep in it
But I'm gonna get myself some clean new sheets

Baby come back
Make yourself whole
Baby come home
Choke the medicine down

Water well, wishing well, come wash me away
I think I hurt myself or cut myself on some other day
She says, "Don't think, it's no good for it all
Some days it's good, some days it's bad
Most days you can't wash it off"


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