Nathan lane - You never say good luck on opening night
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And I just want to wish everybody, good luck
Mr. Bloom, hasn't anyone ever told you
It's bad luck to say, "Good luck" on opening night

If you do, I tell you
It is certain by the curtain
You are through

Good luck

It's bad luck to say, "Good luck" on opening night
Once it's said, you are dead
You will get the worst reviews
You've ever read

Good luck

Even at the Comedie-Francaise
On the opening night they are scared
"Bon chance, mes amis," no one says
The only word you ever hear is

Good luck, good luck, good luck

It's verboten, wishing luck on opening night
Take advice, don't think twice
Or your show will surely end
Up in the Scheiss

Guten lucken

At the famous La Scala in Milan
On opening night it's a rule
In Boccu Lupa they say with Elan
And just for luck they all shout
"Bah fongool"

I got it, now I'll never say
"Good luck" on opening night
That's the rule, I'm no fool
What do I say, I beg?

What you say is,
"Break a leg"
Break a leg?
Yes, break a leg

If you're clever
Good luck
You'll endeavor
To never, never, never, never
Ever, ever, ever say
On opening night

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