Mr. mike - Texas 2000

[ VERSE 1 ]
My ghetto niggas survive and hold hands, we live
And old men embedded the game and aim 4-5's
And blindsided females, we mesmerize them
See, hell, we're live men, broke as fuck, no lyin
So what's up? I make a whole city get em up
And I know white folks is racist, cousin, I don't really give a fuck
Patience, don't be sayin that, sling the dopest rhymes like crack
Take a look around you, all your boys is layin on they back
Makin noise and bangin tracks, trained to kill on contact
Can't nobody hold me back, hate me or give up some dap
Take me somewhere off the map, gee, tell us where the party at
Show respect and then reject, the fellas don't know how to act
Blaze a sack of bombay, can we do it all way?
In school I was a fool, catch me screwin in the hallway
Ball all day, if I ever fall, it's on my knees to pray
Jesus bless my soul, needin dough I sold a ki of lley
Hopin it won't end this way, runnin from the D.E.A.
When they come investigate, you better have your story straight
Ain't nothin poppin bout no broke nigga, black nigga
Fuck what they say, and get your dough, nigga, scratch, nigga

Don't let the ghetto snatch you, police tryina catch you
And everywhere we go somebody lookin at you
(Give em what they want, give em what they want
Give em what they want, give em what they want)

[ VERSE 2 ]
99 caused madness, who's rappin, uzi-grabbin, straight mack shit
Breakin these hoes' backs, foes hatin my tactics
Stainin your matress, displayin game when I'm at this
Tales from the hood, smell the wood in my 'Lac, it's
A trip, back to kick dust, nigga what?
Cussed my teacher out, got expelled, bailed to the weed house
Hell, don't underestimate me or doubt me, I'm great
And highly educated, bitch, all about my papes
But in the States down MC's can't's see me, straight from the underground
Niggas can't bring me down, that's why they start to hate me now
Escapin town and do all my dirt all by my lonely
They actin wild, it hurts, don't run up on me
Your wife want to bone me, homie, that's in her nature
Ill, deal with that, kill that shit or I'ma waste ya
Brace myself, pace myself, gotta get my wealth
Make myself, break myself, I don't need no help

Who can I trust and put my faith in?
This world is tough and full of hatred
Heard it was only what we make it

Yo, yo, yo...
(Give em what they want, give em what they want
Give em what they want, give em what they want)


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